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Charities in the past that we Love and have donated to

We are committed to supporting Non-Profit Organizations by donating all proceeds from all of our Friday 6:15pm Charity classes. Come and join us!

Green Energy

Goal $10,000
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Charity Support

Goal $10,000
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We also love giving back through charitable work

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Non-Profit Charities
01/01/2016 — 12/31/2016


Children at Risk
Children at Risk provide wonderful services and programs to families of children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop their child's behavioural, communications and social skills, and to advocate for their ongoing needs.


Warriors of Peace

Warriors of Peace support New Leaf Yoga if their efforts to making yoga available and relevant to youth who are facing some of the greatest challenges so that they might find peace inside themselves and that peacefulness can shine in our community.

July and August

Honour House
Honour House Society is a refuge, a home away from home for Canadian Forces personnel, emergency services personnel and their families to stay, completely free of charge, while they are receiving medical care and treatment. These brave individuals, along with their families, sacrifice so much on a daily basis to protect our freedom and our everyday way of life.

In support of: Non-Profit Charities