Olga LaCroix

Olga started her journey on a 30 day yoga challenge.  She challenged herself to doing yoga for 30 consecutive days and hasn’t stopped since.  Years before that, she had already started her training in Mindfulness and Meditation as she felt it was very fitting with her career as a Social Worker. “Once I found yoga, my meditation practice took a much deeper form and, I am now very passionate about both practices, as they complement each other incredible well.”

Besides guiding meditation classes, Olga spends lots of time at her own wellness studio (Olga’s Way) counseling & coaching individuals, families and youth.   Her clinical approach is based on mindfulness and cognitive therapy.  She enjoys helping individuals find their well-being through holistic and natural methods.

When she is not working or traveling, you can find her in the hot room practicing yoga or, somewhere outdoors with her husband and dog!  “I love the smell of new books; chips are my favorite forbidden snack and, I really do love to ask a lot of questions.”