Genevieve Beaudoin

Genevieve practiced daily between 1992 and 2000 when she let her career take hold of her life.  Within a few years, she noticed that stress was affecting her both physically and emotionally.  She started Moksha Yoga and within a few months of practicing, turned her life around.  She totally fell in love with the community and really resonated with Moksha’s 7 guiding pillars. Her initial experience was that of a student and now, being a teacher and a student, she recognizes the contribution that everyone makes in making the world a better place.

Since her youth, she has been passionate about healthy eating.  Genevieve loves to cook and is constantly trying new recipes. She carefully plans out her meals and feels that it’s an extraordinary way to stay healthy.   “Great food also makes for some great table discussions.”  Geneviève lives all aspects of her life with passion and is generous with her time as she likes makes herself available to those around her.