Patricia Jean-Vezina

Yoga has been a part of Patricia’s life since she was a ‘tween’.  She’d practice yoga in the field across from her house and savasana in the sunlight was always the best part of her practice.  Little did she know that she had yogic roots that went much deeper than the physical practice.  As an adult, it felt like an organic path to do her 200HR YTT and to combine this with Nutrition.  Exploring the depth of yoga and combining this with the values of good nutrition helps Patricia’s desire to inspire her students to find their inner fire.

Patricia loves teaching kids yoga at Moksha Yoga Orleans and says that she’s net the most passionate, curious and loving kids who truly connect with each other and the gift of yoga.

Patricia is passionate about movement and possibilities and passionate about following the wisdom of her inner voice.  “What’s really inspiring to me is that young or older, my students often overcome their fears and accomplish things they didn’t think they could do!”

When she’s not on her little red mat, you can find her at the dog park playing with her family or having a triple Americano at the local Starbucks.