Sasha Cunningham

Sasha grew up in an athletic family, and this instilled in her a curiosity for all sports and recreational activities.  Coming home from a rugby game, sore and bruised, her friend suggested they go to a yoga class.  She instantly fell in love as the hot yoga fused athleticism with spirituality which was unparalleled to any other activity she had ever done.  A decade later, her interest in yoga was cemented after her first Moksha class and in 2010, and followed up by the Moksha Teacher Training.  Community is at the forefront of Moksha’s values and this is why she continues to return to the practice after so many years.  After having her first child in 2013, and subsequently being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Sasha is grateful that the Moksha community has been such an integral part in her healing.  Her practice has drastically changed in the past few years, as she’s learned to be patient with her body and has found strength in being ‘weak’.  From this place her teaching has formed into something more authentic with accessibility being paramount in her classes.  What brings her happiness is being with her family, hiking/canoeing, and spending time at the cottage. “The outdoors has been my playground since I was young and it’s where so much of who I am comes from.”