Waking up the Dormant (Yoga Made Simple)

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Yoga isn’t just about stretching into the places we always feel, it’s also about waking up the areas within us that are dormant. These are areas we have forgotten or that are so tightly locked up they have shut down. Our bodies are the universe and these dormant spaces are the black holes… they drain the… More details

Getting Unstuck (Yoga Made Simple)

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We sometimes don’t notice that we are stuck in a place.  Habits, routine and our automatic modes can hold us back and keep us circling in one place.  Life changes around us, and if we don’t change a little ourselves then we can get stuck.  Change something… change your approach, your way of thinking, how… More details

Create Healthy Patterns (Yoga Made Simple)

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Our brain understands but our body remembers.  Our mind knows that sitting up right is better but our body remembers all those times we slouched in chairs. Our mind wants to release tightness in our bodies but our body remembers an injury, a hurt and wants to maintain a protectively shield around that place. Our… More details