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Nourish To Flourish Series

Saturdays 3 to 5pm from March 24th to April 14th
Learn how food and movement act to sustain and improve health, wellness and recovery
Investment $195 for 4 week series or $60/session

Week 1 – Nourish to Flourish Essentials – Saturday March 24th 3 to 5pm
Discover how the role of macronutrients, micronutrients and water in your diet affect your health and wellness. You will learn tips and tricks to OPTIMIZE your selection of foods to suit your needs and activities.

Yoga provides flexibility, strength and balance to create harmony in the body. You will be given adjustments and enhancements to find the ideal positions for your body in essential yoga poses, as well as a solid foundation for future yoga classes.


Week 2 – Digestion & Stoking Your Inner Fire – Saturday March 31st 3 to 5pm

Learn the anatomy and physiology of your digestive system and how to set yourself up for the best digestion. Bacteria is an important component of digestion and you will find out how to use these little friends to your benefit.

In yoga, “The Core” is often discussed, but misinterpreted. You will be provided with an experiential discovery of core muscles to create stability in poses and IGNITE your inner fire.


Week 3 – Detox To Flourish – Saturday April 7th 3 to 5pm

Acquire a knowledge of how your body detoxes and what organs and systems are involved. You will learn how to implement strategies to use food to support detoxification and CLEANSE your body.

A regular yoga practice helps your body to move and eliminate what it no longer needs. There are poses that can help to encourage movement in order for you to flourish!


Week 4 – Stress + Immunity + Relaxation – Saturday April 14th

Physiological stress reactions are real and can have a negative effect on your body.  Stress can have symptoms as diverse from weight gain, to frequent colds, to skin rashes. You will be provided with tested-and-true ways to support and relieve stress and BOOST your immune system with food, vitamins and minerals.

Yoga can help to create ease and relaxation, both mentally and physically. You will learn about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and practice Yin and Restorative yoga.


Saturday, March 24 to Saturday, April 14
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Moksha Studio
Organizer: Cat and Brittany

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